Monthly Archives: July 2013

Flying time


OMG where has the time gone.  Working on my last project and still going with it.  Really time has flown as I can’t believe the end of term is coming soon.  This weekend is going to be very busy for me.  I just hope everything looks good in the end.


Update…. Been Awhile


Wow, time flies when you have fun or when you are working your tush off.  Started my Digital Imaging class, finished my first video project, and now working on final project for one class and two for the other.  Breathing has now become optional.

I’ll get through…I think.  I know that I really need to learn to type better. Oh well.


Cheers everyone!!

The return of head meeting desk……a.k.a. Project 3


I can officially say I am a product of my upbringing. For my next trick, is going to be a parody of the old how do you films that one would see in health and home ec. classes.  Sometimes I scare myself.  Think b-rated horror added.  Oh yes, I’m definitely scared.  I hope it turns out in the end.

It has taken me almost to the last minute to come up with how I want the next project to look.  I think now all I need to do is work on the audio, finish the storyboard and complete the final editing to make it all pretty.  I’m looking forward to finishing this up.  Right now I need to get the storyboard down from the clips I used to make it.