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Bird’s and Worm’s eye view….


I had such issues with the worm’s eye view pix but it’s done.  Bird’s eye was fun. Most of my many shots ended up as bird’s eye and something else.Image

these next few are from S.I….Image




ok so this again is campus  ImageImage



That was supposed to be my Bird’s eye…worm’s eye was just as bad…

playgrounds seem to have interesting outlooks for meImage


Image this one I was trying for well a larger effect.

These aren’t good either



I wasn’t happy at all.  Maybe I can later on play with the images and see how they turn out. 



Repetition…..repetition……repetition….. and on and on and on……..


Wow repeating myself there a little.  That’s the thing.  In nature and man-made, when you least expect it.Image And with a little symmetry thrown in too.  Kinda neat when I first took the picture.  Wasn’t really planning it.  Still trying anyway.

This oneImage the bridge and fence in a double shot.  With a posing seagull.  I had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much fun last week when I was out and about.  With another shot of the bridge and fence and everything else.Image


And here is one where I was trying to get bird’s eye but because of my lack of height… well, it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping…Image


My final shot was simple.  They were all neatly stacked and ready to be taken out againImage

which when you really look at it, shows multiple ways of repeating, from the boats to the poles to the fence.

Scavenger Hunt….Symmetry


Symmetry…mirror images…there is something pleasing when looking at something symmetrical.  Then there’s chaos.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh chaos…But for now symmetry.  Surprisingly difficult to find when you are actively looking.  When focusing, I made  looking more difficult then it needed to be.IMG_0660I liked this one because you can just barely make out the water drops on the window.  IMG_0716 I really enjoyed the trip to Soloman’s Island.  Would have been nicer if it was sunny, but I’m lucky with what I got.

It was a trip that I would definitely make again.  Just to explore more places.   IMG_0724 A person could look on almost forever it seemed.IMG_0731 I felt like i just wanted to run and jump off the dock for fun.  Again with the almost infinite view.

IMG_0794 I love this bridge.  Ever since I first started at campus, I have wanted to play with my camera here.  Glad to say I finally got a chance to do so.

As stated earlier, I had problems simplifying the objective.  I need to just start puting more focus into the work.

Scavenger Hunts….Shadows….


The first set of scavenger hunts in class. These may or may not be the best right now, but hey… I’m gonna get there. Now the shadows.  For each of these images, I was trying to get a feel for the shot.  I sould have and probally shoud have played more with the zoom on some of them.  The reason I took this first one was because I found it interesting as to how the two blended together

blending shadows

   blending shadows

See, Neat!!!  The next one was just an unique shape that came off the tree.IMG_0665

Yesterday I went out and took some more (well at least until the battery on the camera was getting too low.  But the results I thought came out well.  IMG_0856 The angle I was at seemed to make a point in the outcome.

The next two come from campus on overhead shots off the student lounge at CADE.  IMG_0773 IMG_0774 this one came out better than I thought.


My final shot of the group looked like sentinels.  Or repeating ones (now that I look at it again.)IMG_0842


Again, I realize I have a lot of work to do, but I AM enjoying the process. I hope I can get better.  Here’s to more photo phun.

Looking at cinematography


Since starting my digital photography class, I’m slowly learning how to take a different look at life.  One of those  I’m looking at from a different angle is movies.  There is something to be said about the way the director’s use of the location to really set the mood for the movie.  Case in point, House on Haunted Hill (1959). Image  Despite the fact that yes it IS a black and white film, it still used amazing settings to give the creepy feel you get.  It is one of my fave movies for many reasons; Vincent Price for one…,Image the premise, the general atmosphere, the list could go on but I’ll spare most of the details.

There are two more films I enjoy besides the plot, LOTR and AOTC.  With LOTR, the action and the locations were truly breathtaking.  Imageor even MordorImage.  I love this movie.  It’s a true fave as well (excuse me as I try to get out of geek mode)

And finally, AOTC.  Love it or hate it, there were some good location shots. The Lake country of Naboo Image really brought to life.  It definitely looks good.  Wish I could go there.  Would love to take another tour of Europe just to get some “real” photos.  Sigh. Maybe one day.  

Some of these movies show a wonderful use of location that alone could give the movie a glace through.