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Week 5–Photoshop & web optimization


Yay, comp issues. Ok, for this week there was learning how to use photoshop to create web looks and how to optimize images for the web.  Also how typography works on the web and the best font families for well designed websites.  Also learned about the use of style tiles and how they work to give an idea of how a website may turn out.


Week 4–Html & CSS coding


What a week.  This week was the start and slight refresher on html coding.  Yeah, I remember why I do not like coding.  But, it’s something I have to learn.  Still; not my fave.  Also learned how to create CSS.  Very specific and time consuming.  I know now that the style sheets allows for easier editing of websites, giving the ability to not have to change the html pages.

I learned that there are three layers: presentation( how the site will appear), content ( shows what information is on the page), and behavior (real-time interaction for the page.)  Also updated banners again.banner01revised_updated_2-cutz.fw

Week 2/3


OMG… The last two weeks have been crazy.  Week 2 in Web was learning about CS6 Fireworks, Filezilla (the new bane of my existence for those who remember for early posts on Illustrator.), color theory and what different colors may represent with websites.   Yeah, fun program(Fireworks).  I’ve gotten ok with it.

Then onto week three.  Yeah still working…almost done. (one day more)  But I made pretty banners, my fave is really this one

banner01revised-cutz.fw.  I think I did really well, maybe shifting somethings but looks good.  Will update more later.


Web Design Week 1 Summary


The first week of Web Design has been interesting.  Mostly a refresher for me with the work on  FTP protocols and the history of Markup.  The lectures on the background and terminology helped me understand and review information (such ad HTML coding) that I have learned in the past.  As for coding in and of itself, I know very,very, very basic coding which I learned on my own back in the late 90’s.  FTP or File Transfer Protocols is one way that very large files can be transferred between computers on a network.

The history of Markup gives an somewhat  in-depth understanding of the history of HTML and how webpages are built using code or “tags” for each element.  It also explains the difference between HTML, XHTML and their evolution’s which continue to this day.

Looking forward to trying to get  all the lessons done in