Monthly Archives: October 2015

Week 9


Almost done.   Started to work on web page design.  Learned about proper way to create design comps.  Tried two for home page.  Can’t decide which one I like better.


Week 8


Half way mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll be so glad when this is all over.  What happened this week?  Started to really work on designing the web site for my final project.  Trying to get organized with all my various files.  Fun City!

What did I learn?

How to make a grid …

Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques (Links to an external site.)

Planning and Implementing Website Navigation (Links to an external site.)

960 Grid System (Links to an external site.)

and navigation

Week 7


Wow, how time does fly.  between having to get all work completed, trying to research, and get a general idea of just how exactly I want my final project to look (got the sitemap done but the actual overall site, eh, not so much)


This week was once again CSS and HTML coding.  Still working on proper coding and how it SHOULD look.


Links from readings:

Week six—Fonts


This week was almost completely devoted to fonts and how they work on the web.  Also an introduction on how to work with font families for the best display on a webpage. Not only that, but how visual hierarchy works and how such aspects such as color, contrast, and alignment can make or break a website.

The lectures and videos looked at this week were:

Another item learned this week was configuring style, color and justification of text.  What I am looking forward to now is actually trying to create a website from scratch.  It will be an experience for me as I barely remember my feeble first attempts at coding back in the late ’90’s–long before I ever decided to go into graphic design.

Final Project Thoughts


There are two ideas I am playing with.

Name of the company: Wicked Tree Designs.

How am I affiliated: My portfolio/freelance website showing my various skills as a designer/photographer.

How will I gain images/files needed:  All or most found already on my computer.  Some still have to be created.

Interesting ideas:  I have a few that I want to play with.  I just have to get them all organized.


Name of company: EMF Film Studios, an independent (as of now) animation company

How am I affiliated: Co-owner/financier/co-producer for all productions/ suffice it to say- I wear a lot of hats (it’s really my son’s work but he’s pushing to work in filming when he’s older.)

How will I gain needed files/images: as he finishes his projects, I work to load them.

Interesting facts: This might just let me regain my youtube account and have him get his own.