Eliot Porter 1901-1990

Eliot Porter was an America photographer who used exquisite details and color in his images of landscapes and birds and started a change in the way photography is viewed.  He started taking photos in his teens, using his new camera to take photos of his back yard.  As he grew, this hobby turned into a profession.  In 1939 he was given a Alfred Stieglitz’s show An American Place. Subsequent introductions to photographer Ansel Adams further encouraged him to continue.  He was one of the very few that used color to document and enhance images and give greater detail.  In 1962, His focus on birds and landscapes lead to his compilation  “In Wildness Is the Preservation of the World.”    The colored image collection was a huge success.

Porter’s style mirrored Adams by way of how detailed the image was and how “straight forward” showing tome.  The equipment used was a new Kodachrome film and large flashbulbs to generate the amount of detail and exposure desired in his images.  He also use a larger cumbersome camera and sometimes had to wait days before he could complete the shoot.

P1990-52-154-3  Blue-throated Hummingbird, Southwestern Research Station, Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona, May 1959


Several years into his work, he turned to landscape photography:

P1990-51-2987-2Fungus and Ferns, Maine, August 1942

fungus fungus

P1990-60-64 Beech Branch and Landscape, Tinmouth, Vermont, February 15, 1958

framed_tree framed tree

P1990-51-4695-1 Beech Grove, Road to Clingman’s Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, April 26, 1968

cluster cluster

P1990-60-53 Lichen and Pine Needles on Boulder, Madison, New Hampshire, October 12, 1953

moss moss w/ leaves

P1990-51-3336 Green Lichen and White Rock, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 10, 1969


P1990-60-5 Red Ozier, near Great Barrington, Massachusetts, April 18, 1957

redbud red buds

P1990-51-3136Wrecked Tree, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 3, 1964

uproot uproot

P1990-60-12Wood Pool with Leaves on Bottom, Chocorua, New Hampshire, May 7, 1961

wood pool pool reflection


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