For my final project in digital photography, I was debating on exactly how I was going to go about it.  I had two ideas.  The first was my idea that I  was going to do for my After an Artist project with miniature photography.    But then I realized that I really enjoyed the time I was running around in nature.  So, with that in mind, I started working on more nature shots.  For the last month and a half now, I had wanted to get up to Gunpowder Falls to get some images.  The only rules I made for myself were daylight or shade shots with working on my depth of field. It was absolute fun.

I got out of my comfort zone when it came to some shots. (see below) I actually asked to take these. young love  puppy


Actually found some proof of animals


Then I went to try for some cute shots:

IMG_2029  Iseeyou

then worked on some old ideas:

tunnel vision  missing shoe knoty  lost ball

growth  two trees resized  still bare


Some flowers:

whiteflowers2 whiteflowers  purple flower  purple flower1

field of green and gold  flower12  bluebells  violets bloom

bud in bloom

Then a lot of water shots.  The second time I went out after the heavy rains, there was fun  to be had when most of the trail was watery

trail of fun  mini lagoon

But still I found some lovely shots of feeder streams and white water.  These were some of the last.  All in all, the whole project was enjoyable and reminded me why I enjoy photography.


whitewater    lost jacket    justaroundtheriverbend   feederstream1  babbling brook    feederstream


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