Amazing the Difference a Year Makes

Wow. It really is amazing how time flies when you least expect it to. This time last year everything was going ok. Then I get hit with a whopper. It started when I was coming home from grocery shopping late afternoon. I felt my knee give out a bit, but “shook” it out. Continued my day but noticed as I was playing on my laptop, I was having issues using my mouse. I shook that off with the thinking that my carpal tunnel was acting up. So I spent the rest of the night trying to rest. I even went to bed early. Slept the night and woke up the next morning still feeling weird. Asked my father to take me to urgent care.

That’s when the fun really began. While getting examined, the nurse was observing me and made the cracked decision to send me to the hospital. Here I was slightly confused and still able to somewhat walk but of course they wouldn’t hear of it. So off I go to the hospital. It was there where I heard the dreaded word…STROKE.