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Illustrator is EVIL!!!!!!

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I am now highly convinced the Adobe Illustrator is the root of all evil.  Creating anchors and paths need to be banned. Of course it might be me but I don’t think so.  Tutorials aren’t helping, either.  Ok now that I got that off my chest, I think that I just might cry.  It’s been almost a week and I’m still nowhere near finished.  Can’t we say panic???????  I’m trying to figure out something so it might be awhile before I finish.  I’m looking forward to the next project.  At least I can sort of breathe easier.

I am just trying to work things out.  I can create somewhat (ok in my mind simple) things in Illustrator, but recreating my previous work, I have no idea what I’m doing.  What I need to do is stop and take a break and remind myself to get more classes in illustrator, oh and maybe also a tablet for my computer.  Drawing with a mouse not working out for me.


Existing in absurdity

Just surfing blogs and saw this. Just thought the concept was neat.

Becoming is Superior to Being

ArtWall VII blogExisting In Absurdity — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Existing In Absurdity

Born linked
to the ancient ones

Channeled to a past spirit
Licking insight into the now

Instinctively being observant
Creating a discrete perception

Accepting things as they are
Not to question why
In a world of the ordinary

While seeking answers
Only to redefine normality

Follower of mother’s guidance
Learning right from wrong
In an air of tolerance

Avoiding strange charmers
Delivers of woe and fear

Fostering a mama’s boy
Not by design,
but by nature

Existing forever connected
To her very being
Desiring to mend her hurt

Nurtured in grandmother’s church
Hearing a calling without voices
Imparting salvation

Becoming blinded by faith
Only to be baptized in a tank

Receiving life’s real baptism
In the old swimming hole

Swinging from a rope
Sinking down with an arm
Pointing up to the light above 

A curiosity of girls
Given timid tutelage

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